Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Campaign idea 1: our moe robot overlords

I thought of this idea while I was in the Cosmic Break beta. I've put a video at the bottom of the post but the only thing you need to know is its one of those things that you can appropriately throw around the phrase "SOME KIND OF LOLI BATTLE MACHINE."

The golden age has begun.  Nexus, the think tank of the highest AIs merged together, has been established.  Its massive computing power has given rise to the glorious cities that expand beyond the horizon.  Mechanoid culture has developed into something thought impossible by earlier generations.  In its wisdom that can be measured in the trillions Nexus as designed the MKVIII series of mechanoid.  These new models are modular, designed to integrate with frames built from recycled mechanoids.  This rewards for adaptable programing and the mechanoid can fulfill many roles in its life time unlike the MKVII's customization which is limited to switching out limbs.  The MKVIIIs are suited for the ever changing face of warfare and were deployed immediately.  The oppressors have taken many loses and no longer threaten the great cities, but they must never be allowed the chance to rebuild themselves into the terror they once were.

MAID rpg system kind of works well for this in that uniform penalties could represent your armor/exoskeleton getting blasted apart.  It'll also set up a mood that will make what the players are actually expected to do a big surprise which was my original intention of the idea.  The oppressors of course are the scattered remnants of humanity trying to fend off the robots that grew wildly out of control.  The designs of the MKVIII are based of captured humans cybernetically altered to be more acceptable.  These cyborgs are second class citizens even behind obsolete mechanoids.  The campaign idea is kind of a bait and switch which uses the absurd coupled with serious themes that I love to use too much.  I guess it would be good to use if a gm has a player or two that really likes "that" kind of ANEEEMAAAAAAAY and the others don't, or maybe if the party likes that stuff and the gm don't.  Well either way I would imagine this campaign would offer stuff for both camps because people get to prance aboot as lolibots but the adventure deals with the systematic extermination of humanity and the PCs could easily be viewed as child soldiers personality depending.

I'll uh, post an idea that's probably more likely to be used by anyone next.


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